13 Things To Do Instead Of The Christmas Sales

So who has been very good this year and got lots of amazing pressies?! I too have also been very spoilt! But although we have all been very fortunate, it can still be very easy to be tempted by the bargains and sales bombarding us on TV and filling up our inboxes. But before you hit the sales and get swayed to spend your Christmas money on things you don’t really want. Why not try these much more fun and rewarding things to do instead of going to the Christmas Sales.

Photography by Tanya Alexanda

1. Spend time with family and friends. Because they are awesome and they love spending time with you.

2. Learn a new skill. Want to learn dressmaking, been itching to start a personal project, want to try yoga?! Why not start today! There’s so much information on the internet to get you started.

3. Volunteer. There’s never a better time to start than at Christmas, find a cause that you feel passionate about and find out how to get involved.

4. Go for a walk in the woods. Find a woods near you here.

5. Do a random act of kindness. Get inspired here, there are tonnes of amazing ideas to get you started.

6. Visit a local town you have never been to before. You could discover some secret treasures right on your doorstep!

7. Have a clear out and donate unwanted items to charity. You and your house will feel better and you will be helping a worthy cause. Double win!

8. Hold a winter picnic. They aren’t just for summer! Mulled wine in a flask anyone?! Just remember to wrap up warm.

9. Bake. There are tonnes of yummy ideas on Pinterest, your bound to find something you can’t resist trying out.

10. Host a movie day. Get all your favourite movies together, make some popcorn, and grab your cosiest pyjamas and blanket. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

11. Take photos. Challenge yourself to document your day with the most interesting and prettiest photos you can take. And then make a big photo collage of them all when you have finished.

12. Donate any extra food to a food bank or homeless shelter. Reduce your wastage and help someone in need.

13. Have a games day. Get the monopoly out, play charades. Let your inner child out and have a right laugh in the process.