2018 Goals & Plans

I thought it’d be really interesting to write down my 2018 goals and see in a years time how many of them I achieved, how close I was to achieving them, and what has changed in the year. As what I would like to achieve now may be completely different to my goals say 6 months down the line. It will be fun to see what changes there are and to record the journey.

I have to admit I am quite nervous about announcing these, they just seem scarier when written down rather than stored in my head. It makes them a lot more real. To make my goals more achievable I have decided to break them down into smaller steps to make them less daunting.

ARH! So here are my 2018 goals that I want to achieve by the end of the year.


This is a dream I have had ever since I was at University but it is a dream I have played at. Fear and self doubt are the main reasons that have held me back. I have also found it hard to settle on what I wanted to do and kept switching, which lead to not a lot being achieved. The end of last year I have spent a while working out what I wanted to do and finding ways to incorporate the things I love doing most, to stop me from flicking from ideas. I am much happier and focused on what I want to do and how I am going to achieve it. 2018 is the year I stop playing and I jump in with both feet and make this goal a reality.


We had quite an expense year last year with the wedding, honeymoon and various things that cropped up in the year. I think I am unfortunately being too optimistic to be completely debt free by the end of the year. But I would like to create a big dent into it. My aim is to cut it by over half by the end of the year.


With the wedding, honeymoon and Christmas my shop is looking a bit neglected and bare. I’ve had prints in my studio ready for photographing for months now! In the coming months I will be working hard at improving my product range (I have so many exciting ideas I can’t wait to share with you). I will also be pushing myself with photography setting up better lifestyle shots. And to overall have a strong product range that you all will love. If I hit 500 sales by the end of the year that would be the best Christmas present ever.


It has always been a dream of mine and Liam’s to have a Bernese fur baby. Well Liam actually wanted a St Bernard so we compromised on a Bernese. If my goal of being my own boss comes to plan we will be in a better position for this to happen. As I will be at home more and be able to be more flexible and have more time to spend with Bernie (great name right!). This is more an early 2019 goal but its still worth listing.

So those are my goals and plans for 2018, I hope you all wish me luck in achieving them. I’d love to hear about the goals and plans you have for this year!