Renee & Burt was created from a love for arts and crafts and a passion to show the whole world how amazing and fun making things is!

Hey! I’m Becka a Fibre & Paint Artist & Crocheter and the face behind Renee & Burt. Creator of beautiful things through mixing old with new, with plenty of paint, colour & yarn.

Ever since I was little I have always loved drawing, painting and creating things. I would spend hours creating my masterpieces, making sure each brushstroke or sequin were in the perfect place. So its only natural in my adult life that I continued to follow a creative path. My passion for making things stemmed from my Great Nanna, Renee. I use to love to watch her knitting and crocheting, making blankets and clothes for me and my dolls. She even made my dolls little knitted knickers!
​That’s actually where the business name came from! Renee and Burt were my Great Grandparents. It seemed fitting to name my business after them.
​After two years as a children’s book designer and four years as a designer for a craft and seasonal decorations company, I decided to set up Renee & Burt and go it alone. I wanted the opportunity to create things I loved and were passionate about, as well as show people the positive effects creating things can have on our minds, bodies and souls.
​​Having always been drawn to nature and have always loved animals, theres no surprise that they both have a big influence on my creations. I love trying to capture the tiny details, patterns and textures, in my work, incorporating my own little creative twist.
Another factor that has a massive impact on my art is consumer waste. To do my bit for the environment my creations use a mix of new materials as well as preloved items. Making each of my creations completely unique. I use as much of each preloved item as I can making sure nothing goes to waste. So that could be using buttons of an old cardigan, upcycling an unloved dress or creating yarn from a holely t-shirt. I love the restriction and challenge of creating something beautiful from things I find and thrift.
My workshops are also very focused on using second hand items and giving them a new source of life. Teaching people new and creative skills to be less wasteful through an array of different crafting techniques.

​Renee & Burt’s goal is to touch as many peoples lives through art and crafts as I can. Even if its just for that short moment of getting lost in the craft, that is truly amazing. If I can create a positive impact on  someones life through creating then my dream and goal has come true.

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I love making them.