All Is Not Lost

Although I lost my blog, all is not lost.

Earlier this year my blog was going from strength to strength and growing in popularity. It was also gaining some great exposure, which lead to some fab collaborations. Then one day it decided to delete itself and I hadn’t backed it up.

That was one lesson I unfortunately learnt the hard way :(. Planning a wedding at the same time, I decided it was the right time to take a break from it all and give myself some thinking time. Time to work out what I really wanted Pink Amethyst to be about and how to incorporate more of me into it. Although I lost my blog, all is not lost.

Being creative I find it extremely hard to settle on one thing or idea. I┬áconstantly have several ideas going through my mind – from new business ventures to new crafty projects I am itching to start. I even dream up new painting ideas (is that weird?!). So finding a way to incorporate all my passions has been a constant challenge. However, these few months off have really helped me delve into what I really love doing.

One of the things I noticed that I missed was writing a blog. Even if only my mum reads it (Hi Mum!!). Its nice having my own little space on the internet. A kind of visual diary, where I can record ideas, experiences and inspiration.

So unfortunately my old blog is unrecoverable, but it just means I have the opportunity to write an even more awesome one! So watch this space.