Art Journal Challenge

I have been busy writing my new year’s resolutions and one of them is to make more time to do things I love. One thing I love doing is painting and drawing. I want to be more playful and spontaneous with my art so I have decided to set myself an art journal challenge. The challenge is to fill one page of the journal up each day. There’s not allowed to be any planning or over thinking in what I want to put on the page. Just me and my art supplies and whatever my hands decide to doodle, paint and stick on that day.


Is it me or is a completely blank art journal really daunting? Not wanting to mess up the first page. Wanting to create something new and beautiful.

I can see the challenge of loosening up being daunting and hard for me initially, but I am really excited to see the journey. I will be doing follow up blog posts to track my little journey.

Ever thought of keeping an art journal yourself? Why not give it ago and share your progress. We can all spur each other on 🙂