The Best Day of my Life so far…

Although it was November when we tied the knot. With the honeymoon and Christmas my feet have only really now touched the ground. It already seems so long ago! It was such a perfect and magical day, not only did I get to marry my best friend but I got to do it in the presence of our amazing family and friends. It really was the best day of my life so far.

We choose to tie the knot at Woodhall Manor, a beautiful manor house in Sutton, Suffolk. From the moment we arrived at the venue everything ran so smoothly. The day went in an absolute whirlwind. So many magic moments I will hold with me forever. I remember worrying about so many little things before the day, like messing up my vows, spilling something down my dress, not being able to please everyone, to name a few.

However all these worries and anxieties faded away when I saw Liam’s face when I walked down the aisle. Whether I messed up my vows didn’t matter because the whole room were filled with friends and family who loved us. I didn’t mess up my vows, but I did have a few nightmares about it.

All the suppliers for our wedding were amazing, they all went the extra mile, and helped make our day so perfect. One person that made our day extra special was our photographer Tanya Alexanda. She is absolutely amazing, her passion for what she does and how absorbed she gets in her work is beautiful to watch. No detail was missed, no moment left uncaptured. And even though she spent most of the day behind the lens her presence really had amazing impact on our day, not just for me and Liam but our guests too.

If you are planning a wedding this year I wanted to share a few of my tips:

  • You will never please everyone (unfortunately), try not to worry about it. Have the things you want and try to find compromises with things other people really want.
  • Don’t spend too much on invites – obviously you want them to be pretty, but at the end of the day they will end up in the recycling bin (sorry). So don’t stress too much about them, your guest will be more chuffed that they were invited not what the invite looks like.
  • Get a great photographer – They play a massive part of your day so you want someone that loves what they do. Also the photos are your memories, that you are going to look back on year after year. You want them to capture how perfect your day was.
  • Saying your vows isn’t as scary as it seems. Really its fine. And if you do mess up your with your friends and family. Everyone including you will just laugh it off.
  • The day goes so quickly, make sure you make time for you and your new husband/wife and enjoy every moment.
  • Try and get everything planned and booked as soon as you can, I booked all of mine just over a year in advance.┬áIt will save a lot of stress as the date gets nearer.
  • Its okay to ask for/accept help. I felt I had to do everything on my own and was worried about asking for help. But you will find that people would love to help you and it will take a massive weight off your shoulders.

If you are getting married in the Suffolk/Cambridgeshire area I have attached links to the suppliers that we used for our wedding. They were all amazing and I can’t recommended them enough.

Tanya Alexanda – Photographer

Elegant Hair & Beauty – Hair Stylist and Make Up Artist

Samantha Knights – Hair Stylist

A Little Hire – Wedding Props

The Cambridge Harpist – Harpist

Cutting Discos – DJ

A Spoon Full of Sugar – Sweets

West End Singing Waiters – Singers

Hewitts Boutique – Flowers

For all the 2018 brides and grooms I hope you have the most magical day!