Broken Your New Year Resolutions? It’s Not Time To Quit

It’s the third week in since we begun our New Year resolutions. Now be honest how are you doing? Have you already broken them? Or are you still going strong? If you have still kept to them thats awesome, well done! And if you have broken your resolutions, thats okay! It’s not time to quit yet.

You don’t need to wait till next year, month, week to start again. Today is the perfect day to start again.

Have a think as to why you broke your resolutions. Was it quite ambitious to do straight away? Was your heart not in it? Were there too many temptations? Whatever your reason was its okay, you just need to adapt your goal/resolution so its more suitable for you. For example cutting coffee out of your diet instantly will give your body a massive shock. However, if you slowly cut down your coffee each week it will be much easier to stick to and before you know it you will be coffee free and not even miss it.

In this blog post I thought I would show you how to break down your goals into smaller achievable chunks. This will make them a lot less daunting and much more achievable. I am going to use one of my 2018 goals as an example, and show you how I break it down over a year so that each month I set small goals to work towards the bigger goal.

The 2018 goal I am going to use is … To hit 500 sales.

January – March : I will be focusing on accessing my product range critically. Look at whats working, whats missing and whats not working so well. Work out who my target audience is and creating products that they would love and want.

April – May : Using what I learnt from my research in the previous months I will spend the next two months developing and expanding my product range. Making sure each item is beautiful and screams Pink Amethyst.

June : I will spend this month taking beautiful photos of my products and uploading them to my Etsy.

July : Now I have my products and I know who my target audience is I can now build a marketing plan. My marketing plan will help me build a consistent brand image and help me reach my target audience.

August – September : Time to start marketing.

October – November : These two months will be used for marketing, building relationships and networks and attending some fairs and events.

December – Things crossed all my hard work has paid off and with the Christmas shopping in full swing I will hit my goal of 500 sales!

As you can see by breaking the bigger goal into smaller goals it makes it a lot less scary. You can now move forward in a more focused way.

Another way to help you stick to your goals is having them displayed in a place you will see them everyday. On your mirror, at your desk, in your diary. Anyway where you will see them at least once a day. I have created this starry ‘follow your dreams’ printable that you can download here. I have included a date section, as it helps you to stay focused if you have a date you want to achieve your goal by.

It takes 40 days to break and form a new habit. The same works with goals and resolutions. It takes 20 days to break the habit and another 20 days to form a new one. After them 40 days you should find that you perform your new habit with a lot more ease. To achieve this you need to complete the 40 days without breaking the habit. If you break your habit you have to start from ‘day 1’ again, you can’t carry on counting from that day, as unfortunately it will mean your more likely to break it again. Knowing you are on day 22 and have to start from 0 helps give you that extra push to keep going. Its not until you complete 40 days without breaking the habit than when you have mastered that habit.

I hope these tips have been helpful and have motivated you to give your resolutions/goals another shot. Break them down into smaller chunks and you will find them a lot less scary.