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This blog is PR friendly and I am happy to work closely with brands, companies and other bloggers for various features. If you are interested in working with me in any way, please email me at 
 – All products that I write about and review on this blog are described with my honest and unbiased opinion. I may from time to time review an item that has been sent to me for consideration or write a sponsored post, and if so I will declare this with a * and note at the bottom of the post.
– I do use affiliate links throughout this blog from time to time, so please bear this in mind. Affiliate links mean if you click through and make a purchase, I receive a small commission.
– Companies may not request wording or terminology in reviews or sponsored posts. I will always have creative freedom over my writing.
– Products sent to me for review will not be returned (unless you are willing to pay postage) if I have a bad reaction/don’t like them and I choose not to post about them.
– Depending on the product, I do charge for reviews. Prices vary.
– Just because you send me a product, does not mean I am obliged to post about it unless previously agreed. Especially if I have no knowledge of this being posted out at all.
– I can and will choose how I want to feature this product on my blog.
– Items sent to me or featured are not subject to a deadline or specific time scale, unless previously agreed upon.

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