DIY Christmas Gift Ideas

Right be honest! Who is still needing to get a few Christmas presents?! Don’t panic! There is still time to create and make a thoughtful gift. And you won’t have to break the bank and your recipient will love the the thought thats gone into your gift. Win, win! There are tonnes of ways you can make gifts for the special people in your life! Here are a few of my favourite DIY Christmas gift ideas.

1. Paint a canvas. You don’t need to be an amazing painter or drawer to create a fun piece of art. Why not create an abstract piece with lots of beautiful colours and big brush strokes, or keep it simple with a limited colour palette and basic shapes or stripes. Don’t over think it, just start painting and see what you create. You can pick up canvases quite cheaply, the works is always a good place to look.

2. Create a hamper. This present idea could work for many different people, all you need is a theme and a box and your good to go. Here are some ideas to help get you started, pamper hamper, retro sweet hamper, favourite animal hamper (filled with X animal themed items), what about the decade they were born hamper?!

3. Make a memory collage or book. People don’t really print photos anymore, which I feel is a real shame. Remind that special person of all the great memories you have shared with them by creating a photo collage or memory book. It will be something I am sure they would treasure forever.

4. Make a trinket dish.There are lots of really easy and cute ideas on how to create a trinket dish on Pinterest. All you need is some air drying clay, some paint or sharpie pens and some varnish.

5. Decorate a plant pot. I think a hand painted plant pot with an unusual or cute plant in it would make a great present for the plant lovers in your life. Keep it simple with some writing or be more creative and brave and create a pattern or scene. Colour blocking or a simple black and white pattern may also look cute? Wilko’s is a great place to pick up indoor plants for not a lot of money.

6. Hot chocolate in a jar. Create the perfect hot chocolate for that special someone. All you need is a jar and ingredients. Why not get inventive and add some yummy toppings as well. My perfect jar would be different layers of hot chocolate powder (white and milk), marshmallows, chocolate drops or buttons, and maybe a candy cane. You could also add a miniature bottle of bailey’s for a more grown up hot chocolate. Yum!

7. Decorate a mug. Create the perfect mug, why not write a funny caption, or draw a cute illustration. Plain white mugs are easy and cheap to pick up, create your design with sharpies or porcelain pens, then finish by heat sealing the mug in the oven. Easy!

8. Make a necklace or bracelet. Jewellery findings, trinkets/charms and beads are really easy and cheap to find on Ebay and in charity shops. Make the fashion lovers in your life stand out from the crowd, with a unique piece of jewellery thats as fun and colourful as they are.

9. Upcycle an old jumper into a pair of mittens. Do you have a tired jumper you don’t wear anymore?! Why not give it a second life and turn it into pretty mittens? The simple shape makes them really easy to sew and make.

10. Arm knit a scarf or blanket. Can’t knit?! Thats okay, arm knitting is a lot easier than normal knitting and also a lot quicker. There are lots of video tutorials on Youtube to help you get started.