February Goals

Wow how has January gone already! January for me was quite a hectic month with quite a lot of discussions to make. Although I think February is going to be just as hectic I am hoping for a more focused and directed month. However, saying that looking at my new years resolutions I set in January I have already made a good start on them. I have set up direct debits to a couple of charities I care a lot about, I am making more time to do things I love and I am working really hard to get my debt down. Woop! So looking back January has not been a bad month at all. However to remain motivated and on track I love to set myself monthly goals, so here are my February goals.


Set up some craft workshops – I love creating and have always wanted to share my passion for art and crafts. So this month I am going to take a big scary leap and book some venues to start running craft workshops in March.

Write up all my draft crochet patterns – I have some many crochet patterns written in various notebooks. Some complete, some half complete. And all they are doing is collecting dust, where as I could be sharing them with you lovely lot.

Make Clarence the Cactus into a kit – I have been wanting to make Clarence the cactus cushion into a kit for sometime now. But its been a job that I have never got round to doing. This is the month I am going to release him as a kit. Ooo (thinking out loud) I could launch him on my birthday as a special birthday treat. Watch this space.

Make time for yoga – Since the wedding and Christmas my yoga practice has gone way out of the window. And my hamstrings are back to their ridiculously tight selves. This month I want to get back into a daily practice and be able to touch my toes again!

Aim to write two blog posts a week – With a very hectic January my little blog hasn’t got much love and attention recently. Which is a shame as I do really enjoy writing it. So expect more posts from me this month.

So thats it there are my February goals, are you setting any goals this month? If so I’d love to hear what you are aiming for this month.



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