My Favourite Things About Christmas

Winter, especially Christmas, has always been my favourite time of year! I am one of these weird people that prefer the colder months so much more than summer. I would much prefer to be snuggled under a blanket near a fire than sweaty and too hot to want to do anything. Plus you can eat lots of naughty things and hide it all under a slouchy jumper! Win! Here are my favourite things about Christmas …

1. Spending Time With Loved Ones. Family means a lot to me and I love this time of year as it means I get to spend quite a bit of quality time with them all.

2. Presents. Of course receiving presents is always great! But I also love giving presents, I spend ages trying to work out what gift to get someone. And nothing beats watching them opening it and seeing their face lights up. I always try to get something a bit different for people, either by shopping with small businesses or buying experiences.

3. Log Fire. How awesome is it warming up to a log fire. Might just be me but I always find them mesmerising to watch.

4. Snuggly Clothes. Slouchy jumpers, bobble hats, over sized scarves, fluffy socks! Yes please!

5. Christmas Lights. They just make things look so pretty and magical don’t they!

6. Colder Weather. I know I’m weird but I do love winter walks and wrapping up in bobble hats and scarves, and walking into a warm house.

7. Snow. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, I turn into one big kid and am normally the first out there building a snowman.

8. Hot Chocolate. This one really doesn’t need explaining does it! Costa has to be my go to place, they just make the best Christmas hot chocolates!

9. Traditions. I’m not really a traditional person but when it comes to Christmas I do love our own random little traditions. Some of ours are having chocolate for breakfast, joke presents after Christmas dinner, and playing games.

10. Food. Christmas dinner, cheese, yule log… do I need to go on?

11. Christmas Films. Yes I know they are cheesy, but I think thats what makes them great! My favourite ones have to be Elf and Home Alone. If your looking for a great Christmas film that isn’t mainstream and your happy for it to make you cry (a lot!) check out The Christmas Shoes.

What are your favourite things about Christmas?!

Whatever your plans are for this Christmas I hope you all have an awesome time!